Reverb Snares Volume 1

84 Royalty-Free Reverb Snare Samples Designed For Big Room House, Progressive House, And Electro House Productions. Priced At $11.00 USD

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These royalty-free samples will fit in any genre of electronic music, that’s for sure.

All of the samples in this sample pack are 100% royalty-free, however due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.  You get 84 samples for just $11 USD.  This could potentially be the first of many sample packs in this similar niche of production.

Listen below to the demo which uses only 1/3 of the 84 reverb snare samples found in this product:



An emerging sound, and a take from the commonly sampled Pryda Snare, Cloudstorm Samples presents the next product in our drum sample pack line.  Reverb Snares contains 84 well crafted, prepped, EQ’d, compressed and leveled big sounding reverb / hall snare drum samples.  Ready to slip right into your next productions, whether you make electro house or big room house, this is a sample pack that can take you away from recycling the same pryda snare sample again and again.  Entirely royalty-free – you can be sure this sample pack contains plenty of sizzle and booms to set your drums and effects tracks apart in your track.

Reverb Snares Volume 1 Contains A Banging 84 Royalty-Free Reverb Snare Drum Samples Perfect For Big Room, Electro House, And Progressive House Productions.

Price: $11.00 USD

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